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University of Lethbridge

Adriana Predoi-Cross


Ph.D., Physics (University of New Brunswick); B.Sc & M.Sc. combined degree, Engineering Physics (University of Bucharest)


Laboratory spectroscopy with applications to remote sensing of Earth and planetary atmospheric constituents

Research Areas

Molecular Spectroscopy, Laser techniques, Atmospheric Chemistry, Remote sensing applications, Far-infrared beamline at the Canadian Light Source, Emission spectroscopy, Lineshape studies and modeling, Planetary atmospheres, Development of laser based spectroscopic instrumentation for laboratory studies and outdoor measurements

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Office Hours

Monday, Wednesday, Friday 1:00 PM to 3:10 PM

Current Research and Creative Activity

TitleLocationGrant InformationPrincipal InvestigatorCo Researchers
Development of a Research Facility for Laboratory Spectroscopy of Terrestrial and Outer Planetary Molecules CFI, ASRA, University of Lethbridge, $295,072, 2005-08.

Molecular Spectroscopic Studies for Remote Sensing of Earth and Planetary Atmospheres NSERC Discovery Grant, $26,540 per year, 2008-13.

A. Predoi-Cross
Spectroscopic Studies and Instrumentation to Enable Accurate Simultaneous Measurements of Sources and Sinks of Methane, Carbon Dioxide and Nitrous Oxide NSERC Strategic Grant, $41,000 per year, 2005-08.

A. Predoi-Cross A.R.W. McKellar (NRC Ottawa) and Boyd Tolton (Synodon Inc.)
Spectroscopic Study of Carbon Dioxide for Atmospheric Remote Sensing Applications University of Lethbridge Research Fund, $4,500, 2008-09.

A. Predoi-Cross

Previous Research

TitleGrant AgencyCompletion Date
Laboratory Spectroscopic Measurements for Atmospheric Remote Sensing Applications University of Lethbridge Research Fund 2006
Spectroscopic Studies of Molecular Physics for Remote Sensing Applications NSERC Discovery Grant 2005-08
Components for a Research Facility for Molecular Spectroscopy of Molecules of Planetary Atmospheres NSERC Equipment grant 2005
Laboratory and Ground Based Spectroscopic Studies of Molecules of Atmospheric and Astrophysical Interest University of Lethbridge Research Fund 2004
Spectroscopic Studies of Atmospheric Gases University of Lethbridge Start-up grant 2003-05

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