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University of Lethbridge

Rene Barendregt
AWESB - Geography
Office: WE2054 (Alberta Water & Env Science Bldg)
Phone: (403) 329-2530
Fax: (403) 329-2016


B.Sc. (Geography); M.Sc. (Earth Sciences); Ph.D. (Geography)


Climate change, Glaciations, Geomorphology, Geology, Soils, Drainage basins, Sediment and rock magnetism, Magnetostratigraphy, Quaternary Stratigraphy, Glacial Landforms, Paleo River Systems, Paleopedology (buried soils), Geoarchaeology

Alternate Languages

Dutch, French, German

Selected Publications

2010 & 2011
(1) Manuscripts in Preparation for submission to Refereed Journals

Irving, E. J. Baker, R.W. Barendregt, N.D. Opdyke, and F.E. Nelson
2011 "Paleomagnetic Data from Late Cenozoic Basalts, in Yukon and Northern British Columbia: their Tectonic Significance" Canadian Journal of Earth Sciences.

(2) Manuscripts To Be Submitted for Publication in Refereed Journals

Roed, M., R.W. Barendregt, Huscroft, C., Fulton, R.J., Greenough, J., Smith, S., and Sanborn, P.
2011 "An Early Pleistocene till, Okanagan Valley, British Columbia". Canadian Journal of Earth Science.

Froese, D.G., J.A. Westgate, R.W. Barendregt, M. Villeneuve, L.E. Jackson, J. Baker, R.J. Enkin, E. Irving, C. Hart, S.J. Preece, and A. Sandhu
2011 "Normal Magnetization at ca. 1.5 Ma at Three Sites in Yukon Territory, Canada: The Gilsa Subchron". Canadian Journal of Earth Sciences.

Barendregt, R. W., Dredge, L. E. Nielsen, M. Roy, R. Enkin, K. Verosub
2011 "Paleomagnetism of Quaternary sediments along the Nelson River, near Gillam, Manitoba," Canadian Journal of Earth Sciences.

(3) Refereed Journal Publications

Barendregt, R.W., R.J. Enkin, E.A. Christiansen and D.L. Tessler
2011 "Magnetostratigraphy of Late Neogene glacial, interglacial and preglacial sediments in the Saskatoon and Regina areas, Saskatchewan". Studia Geophysica & Geodaetica, 55:1-20.

Barendregt, R.W.
2011 "Magnetostratigraphy of Quaternary sections in Eastern Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba" In: Ehlers, J. and Gibbard P.L. & Hughes P.D. (eds.), Quaternary Glaciations-- Extent and Chronology, Part IV: A Closer Look,. Amsterdam, Elsevier. (in press)

Barendregt, R.W. & Duk-Rodkin, A.
2011 "Chronology and extent of late Cenozoic ice sheets in North America: a magnetostratigraphic assessment. In: Ehlers, J. and Gibbard P.L. & Hughes P.D. (eds.), Quaternary Glaciations-- Extent and Chronology, Part IV: A Closer Look,. Amsterdam, Elsevier (in press).

Barendregt, R.W. and Duk-Rodkin, A.
2011 "Cordilleran glaciations in Canada: the magnetostratigraphic record", Quaternary Science Reviews (in press).

Duk-Rodkin, A. and R.W. Barendregt
2011 "Atlas of NW Canadian Quaternary Stratigraphy and Glacial History" Open File Report No.XX, 85 p. (in press).

Duk-Rodkin, A. & Barendregt, R.W.
2011 "The Glacial History of Northwestern Canada. In: Ehlers, J., Gibbard, P.L. & Hughes, P,D. (eds.), Quaternary Glaciations -- Extent and Chronology. Part IV: A Closer Look, Amsterdam, Elsevier. (in press).

Lee, Jonathan, Ian Candy, Rene W. Barendregt, James Rose, Richard O.J. Hamblin, James B. Riding, and Emrys Phillips
2011 "Long-term evolution of the British Ice Sheet during the Early and Middle Pleistocene". Journal of Quaternary Science (in press).

Mahaney, W.C., Barendregt, R.W., Villeneuve, Mike, Dostal, J., Hamilton, T.S., and Milner, Michael W.
2011 Upper Neogene volcanics and interbedded paleosols near Mt. Kenya. In: Out of Africa: a synopsis of 3.8 Ga of Earth History, edited by: Douwe Van Hinsbergen, published by the Geological Society of London, Bath, England (in press).

Barendregt, R.W., R.J. Enkin, A. Duk-Rodkin, and Judith Baker
2010 "Paleomagnetic Evidence for Multiple Late Cenozoic Glaciations in Tintina Trench of west central Yukon, Canada" Canadian J. of Earth Sciences, 47: 987-1002.

Duk-Rodkin, A., R.W. Barendregt, and J. White
2010 "An extensive late Cenozoic terrestrial record of multiple glaciations preserved in the Tintina Trench of west central Yukon: stratigraphy, paleomagnetism, paleosols, and pollen" Canadian Journal of Earth Sciences, 47: 1003-1028.

Mahaney, W.C., Tricart, P., Carcaillet, C., Blarquez, O., Ali, B., Argant, J., Barendregt, R.W., Kalm, V.
2010 "Hannibal's invasion route: an age-old question revisited within a geoarchaeological and paleobotanical context". Archaeometry, 52: 1096-1109.

Mahaney, William C., Pierre Tricart, Barbara Kapran, Rene W. Barendregt, Christopher Carcaillet, Davide Rabufetti, and Volli Kalm
2010 "Debris Flow Burial of Ancient Wall System in the Upper Po River Valley". Geology Today, 96: 187-193.

Mahaney, W.C., Kapran, B., Kalm, V., Tricart, P. Carcaillet, C., Blarquez, O., Milner, M.W., Barendregt, R.W., and Somelar, P.
2010 "The Traversette Rockfall: Geomorphological Reconstruction and Importance in Interpreting Classical History" Archaeometry, 52: 156-72.

Current Research and Creative Activity

TitleLocationGrant InformationPrincipal InvestigatorCo Researchers
Quaternary Paleoenvironments as Proxies in Global Change modelling Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council (NSERC), 2006-11.

Field support provided by Geological Survey of Canada, 1990-2006.

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