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Rene Boere
Chemistry & Biochemistry
Office: E862 (University Hall)
Phone: (403) 329-2045
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Ph.D., Chemistry (The University of Western Ontario, 1984); B.Sc. Hon., Chemistry (Dalhousie University, 1979)


Main Group Chemistry, Materials Chemistry, Free-radicals, Synthesis, X-ray crystallography, Electron Paramagnetic Resonance (EPR) Spectroscopy, Multi-nuclear NMR Spectroscopy, Electrochemistry, Computational Chemistry, Structural Chemistry

Previous Research Areas

Stable free radicals; free radicals of the main group elements; redox-active compounds; electrochemistry

Selected Publications

J. Konu, H.M. Tuononen, T. Chivers, A.M. Corrente, R.T. Boeré and T.L. Roemmele "In Search of the [PhB(μ-NtBu)2]2As• Radical: Experimental and Computational Investigations of the Redox Chemistry of Group 15 Bis-boraamidinates", Inorganic Chemistry, (2008) 47, 3823-3831.

R.T. Boeré, P.W. Dibble, K.E. Fischer, "1,3-Diphenylisobenzofuran", Acta Crystall-ographica Section E Structure Reports Online, (2008) E64, o686.

R.T. Boeré, A.M. Bond, S. Cronin, N.W. Duffy, P. Hazendonk, J.D. Masuda, K. Pollard, T.L. Roemmele, P. Tran and Y. Zhang, "Photophysical, Dynamic and Redox Behavior of tris-(2,6-Diisopropylphenyl)phosphine", New Journal of Chemistry, (2008) 32, 214 - 231.

R.T. Boeré and S.J. Robbins, "(E)-1,2-Bis(3-bromo-4-methylphenyl)ethene", Acta Crystallographica Section E Structure Reports Online, (2008) E64, o363.

H.F. Lau, P.C.Y. Ang, V.W.L. Ng, S.L. Kuan, L.Y. Goh, A.S. Borisov, P. Hazendonk, T.L. Roemmele, R.T. Boeré, and R.D. Webster, "Coupling of CpCr(CO)3 and Heterocyclic Dithiadiazolyl Radicals. Synthetic, X-ray Diffraction, Dynamic NMR, EPR, CV, and DFT Studies". Inorganic Chemistry, (2008) 47, 632-644.

S. Dal Molin, C. Cugnet, D. Brevet, D. Lucas, Y. Mugnier, D. Fortin, R.T. Boeré and P.D. Harvey, "Enhanced Stability of a Paramagnetic Palladium Complex Promoted by Interactions with Ethynyl Substrates", Organometallics, (2007) 26, 5209-5212.

R.T. Boeré, "Diethylmethyleniminium chloride", Acta Crystallographica Section E Structure Reports Online, (2007) E63, o3581.

C.O. Bender, R.T. Boeré, P.W. Dibble and R.T. McKay, "Structures of the 2:1 adducts of benzyne with 2-methylanisole and benzene", Canadian Journal of Chemistry, (2007) 85, 461-465.

R.T. Boeré, A.M. Bond, T. Chivers, S.W. Feldberg and T.L. Roemmele, "Identification of the radical anions of C2N4S2 and P2N4S2 rings by in situ EPR spectroelectrochemistry and DFT calculations". Inorganic Chemistry, (2007) 46, 5569-5607.

H.M. Tuononen, T. Chivers, A. Armstrong, C. Fedorchuk, R.T. Boeré, "Computational modeling of isotropic electron paramagnetic resonance spectra of doublet state main group radicals," Journal of Organometallic Chemistry, (2007) 692, 2705-2715.

R.T. Boeré, L.Y. Goh, C.Y. Ang, S.L. Kuan, H.F. Lau, V.W.L. Ng, T.L. Roemmele and S.D. Seagrave, "A tertbutyl/cyano substituted (1,2,3,5-dithiadiazolyl)benzene and η2 π complexes with CpCr(CO)2," Journal of Organometallic Chemistry, (2007) 692, 2697-2704.

R.T. Boeré, H.M. Tuononen, T. Chivers, and T.L. Roemmele, "Structures and EPR spectra of binary sulfur-nitrogen radicals from DFT calculations", Journal of Organometallic Chemistry, (2007) 692, 2683-2696.

C.Y. Ang, R.T. Boeré, L.Y. Goh, L.L. Koh, S.L. Kuan, G.K. Tan and X. Yu, "η1 and η2 complexes of λ3-1,2,4,6-thiatriazinyls with CpCr(CO)x", Chemical Communications, (2006) 4735-4737.

R.T. Boeré, J.D. Masuda and P. Tran, "Synthesis, Crystal Structure and DFT calculations on 2,6-Diisopropylphenylcopper; its use in the Preparation of Dichloro-2,6-Diisopropyl-phenylphosphine", Journal of Organometallic Chemistry, (2006) 691, 5597-5603.

H.F. Lau, V.W.L. Ng, L.L. Koh, G.K. Tan, L.Y. Goh, T.L. Roemmele, S.D. Seagrave and R. T. Boeré, "Cyclopentadienylchromium complexes of 1,2,3,5-dithiadiazolyls: η2 π-complexes of cyclic sulphur-nitrogen compounds", Angewandte Chemie, (2006) 118, 4610-4613; Angewandte Chemie International Edition, (2006) 45, 4498-4501.

T. Chivers, D.J. Eisler, C. Fedorchuk, G. Schatte, and H.M. Tuononen, "Syntheses and Structures of Magnesium and Zinc Boraamidinates: EPR and DFT Investigations of Li, Mg, Zn, B, and In Complexes of the [PhB(NtBu)2]•- Anion Radical", Inorganic Chemistry, (2006) 45, 2119-2131.

A. Armstrong, T. Chivers, and R.T. Boeré, "The diversity of stable and persistent phosphorus-containing radicals", in ACS Symposium Series in Print, 917, M. Lattman and R.A. Kemp, eds., "Modern Aspects of Main Group Chemistry", American Chemical Society, Washington, DC, (2006), 66-80.

Research Interests

Fundamental and applied chemistry involving the synthesis of main-group and hybrid transition-metal/main-group compounds, which provide a rich source of novel molecular solids

Current Research and Creative Activity

TitleLocationGrant InformationPrincipal InvestigatorCo Researchers
Unsaturated Main Group Compounds and Free Radicals Lethbridge, Alberta NSERC, $215,000, Five years.

Ren� T. Boer�
Unsaturated Main Group Compounds and Free Radicals Lethbridge, Alberta NSERC, $215,000, Five years.

René T. Boeré

Previous Research

TitleGrant AgencyCompletion Date
Stable phosphorus based radicals for magnetometry NSERC Ideas to Innovation (I2I) 2005
Electrochemistry of redox-active non-metal compounds Australian Research Council - Linkage International Grant 2005
Tuning the molecular properties of main-group ring compounds and ligands NSERC 2004

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