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University of Lethbridge

Em Pijl Zieber
Assistant Professor
Health Sci - Nursing Program
Office: M3055 (Markin Hall)
Phone: (403) 332-5232
Fax: 403-329-2668


B.Sc.N. (Community Health Nursing); M.Ed. (First Nations and Education for the Heath Professions); Ph.D. (Nursing)


Quantitative and mixed research methods, Assessment of competence, Program evaluation, Poverty and homelessness, Community health nursing, Health professions education

About Me

Em Pijl-Zieber teaches a variety of courses in the Faculty of Health Sciences at the University of Lethbridge. Her community health practice background includes working with marginalized inner city populations, Aboriginal people, and seniors. Em's research focuses on readiness for practice of new nurse graduates, pedagogies for the health professions, and homelessness/at-risk populations.

Selected Publications

Pijl-Zieber, E. M. (2016). Chapter 28: Vital Signs. In Kozier's Fundamentals of Nursing: The Nature of Nursing Practice in Canada, 3rd Canadian Edition. Pearson: Toronto.

Pijl-Zieber, E. M., Barton, S., Konkin, J., & Awosoga, O. (In Press) Achievement of community health nursing competencies through undergraduate clinical experiences: A gap analysis. International Journal of Nursing Education Scholarship.

Pijl-Zieber, E. M., Barton, S., Konkin, J., & Awosoga, O. (2015). Disconnects in pedagogy and practice in community health nursing clinical experiences: Qualitative findings of a mixed method study. Nurse Education Today, 35(10), e43-48. doi: 10.1016/j.nedt.2015.08.012.

Pijl-Zieber, E. M. (2014, 2015). Tips for Teaching and Organizing Community Health Practice/Clinical Courses: Practical Tips for Instructors, Administrators and Organizers of Innovative/Non-Traditional Community Health Clinical Experiences. Posted Online at:

Wiebe, A., Barton, S., Auger, L., Pijl-Zieber, E., & Foster-Boucher, C. (accepted May 2015). Restoring the blessings of the Morning Star: Child birth and maternal-infant health for women from First Nations near Edmonton, Alberta. Aboriginal Policy Studies.

Pijl-Zieber, E. M. (2015). Community health nursing rhetoric: Our daily bread or pie-in-the-sky? Journal of Nursing Heterodoxy, 1(2), 1-6.

Sedgwick, M., & Pijl-Zieber, E. M. (In Press). New rural acute care nurses speak up: "We're it" but we're not ready. Journal for Nurses in Professional Development. Accepted January, 2015.

Pijl-Zieber, E. M., Grypma, S. J., & Barton, S. (2014). Baccalaureate nursing education: has it delivered? A retrospective critique and a call to action. Canadian Journal of Nursing Leadership, 7(2), 27-34.

Pijl Zieber, E. M., Barton, S., Konkin, J., Awosoga, O., & Caine, V. (2014). Mind the gap: quantifying the performance gap between observed and required clinical competencies in undergraduate nursing students. Nurse Education Today, 34(5), 667-669. 10.1016/j.nedt.2013.09.017

Pijl Zieber, E. M., Barton, S., Konkin, J., Awosoga, O., & Caine, V. (2014). Competence and competency-based nursing education: Finding our way through the issues. Nurse Education Today, 34(5), 676-678. doi: 10.1016/j.nedt.2013.09.007

Pijl-Zieber, E. M., and Kellett, P. (2014). Chapter 21: Measuring Vital Signs. In D. Gregory, C. Raymond-Seniuk, L. Patrick, and T. Stephen (Eds.) Fundamentals: Perspectives on the Art and Science of Canadian Nursing (First Edition). Lippincott Williams and Wilkins: Philadelphia. ISBN 978-1-60547-090-0

Pijl-Zieber, E. M. (in press; 2013). Doctor's orders and the language of representation. Nursing Philosophy, 14(TBA).

Pijl-Zieber, E. M., and Buck, M. (2012). Chapter 28: Vital Signs. In Kozier's Fundamentals of Nursing: The Nature of Nursing Practice in Canada, 2nd Canadian Edition. Pearson: Toronto.

Pijl-Zieber, E. M., and Kalischuk, R. G. (2011). Community health nursing practice education: Preparing the next generation. International Journal of Nursing Education Scholarship, 8(1), Article 15.

Pijl-Zieber, E. M. and Hagen, B. (2011). Towards culturally relevant nursing education for Aboriginal students. Nurse Education Today, 31(6), 595-600.

Pijl-Zieber, E. M. (2010). Evaluation of the Community Health Clinical Experience in the Nursing Education in Southwestern Alberta (NESA) Program, and Recommendations for Preparing Novice Registered Nurses Using a Sustainable Service Delivery Model. [Technical Report, 150 pages.]

Hagen, B., Wong-Wylie, G., and Pijl-Zieber, E. M. (2010). Tablets or talk? A critical review of the research literature comparing antidepressants and counseling for the treatment of depression. The Journal of Mental Health Counseling, 32(8), 102-124.

Pijl-Zieber, E. M. (2008). Service learning in community health nursing clinical. In Making a Difference: Service Learning Stories in Nursing. St. Francis Xavier University.

Hagen, B., Pijl Zieber, E. M., Souveny, K., and LaCroix, A. (2008). Let's do lunch? Nursing ethics and gifts from the pharmaceutical industry. Canadian Nurse, 104(4), 24-28.

Pijl Zieber, E. M., Hagen, B., Armstrong-Esther, C., Hall, B., Akins, L., & Stingl, M. (2008). Moral distress: an emerging problem for nurses in long-term care? Quality In Ageing, 9(2), 39-48.

Pijl Zieber, E. M. (2007). Preceptor Tip Sheets. In Brenda Paton (2007) Preceptors Matter: Supporting, Extending, and Legitimizing the Role of the Nurse Preceptor. Centralized Preceptor Education Project (CPEPnet). Also available online:

Gregory, D., Pijl-Zieber, E. M., Barsky, J., and Daniels, M. (2007). Aboriginal Nursing Education in Canada: An Update. Canadian Nurse, 104(4), 30-35.

Research Interests

  • Quantitative and mixed research methods
  • Quantitative assessment of learning and competence
  • Instructional design for health professions education
  • Quantitative approaches to program evaluation
  • Poverty, homelessness, and addictions
  • Chronic disease and chronic pain management
  • History of nursing education

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