Campus Directory: Habiba Kadiri

University of Lethbridge

Habiba Kadiri
Mathematics & Computer Science
Office: C538 (University Hall)
Phone: (403) 329-2477


M.Sc., Ph.D. (Pure Mathematics)


Analytic number theory

Research Areas

Riemann Zeta function, Dirichlet and Hecke L functions, Zero-free regions, Distribution of prime numbers, Explicit results, Chebotarev's density theorem

Alternate Languages


Selected Publications

"New bounds for psi(x)"
with Laura Faber, Math. Comp. 84 (2015), 1339-1357

"Short intervals containing primes"
with Allysa Lumley, #A61, Integers 14 (2014), 18p.

"A zero density result for the Riemann zeta function"
Acta Arith. 160 (2013), 185--200.

Research Interests

My research area is Analytic number Theory, which means that I use analytic tools, like Fourier analysis, to answer some questions in number theory and arithmetic. More precisely, my research concerns the theory of Dirichlet L-functions and the distribution of prime numbers.

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