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Michael Basil
Mgt - Marketing
Office: M4057
Phone: (403) 329-2075
Management - CSRM
Office: M4057
Phone: (403) 329-2075


A.B. (Psychology); A.M., Ph.D. (Communication Research)


Advertising, Celebrity effects, Consumer message processing, Social marketing, Marketing of healthy foods, Marketing management and stategy

Research Areas

Farmer's markets

Previous Research Areas

Advertising, Celebrity effects, Social marketing

About Me

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Mike grew up in California in the 1970s. While he was earning his bachelor's and master's degrees he worked as a social activist focusing on consumer protection, environmental issues and nuclear disarmament. After receiving his masters degree, Mike worked as a substitute teacher in southern California and as an ESL (English as Second Language) teacher in Tokyo Japan.

Mike earned his PhD at Stanford University, studying advertising, how people process persuasive messages, and research methods. He started his academic career at the University of Hawaii (1991-1994), and during this time he began his study of the effects of celebrities. Mike went to the University of Denver (1994-2000), collaborating with Porter Novelli and the US Centers for Disease Control on the application of communication and marketing theory, techniques, and data to enhance public health.

He joined the University of Lethbridge in 2000 where he is currently a professor of marketing. Mike has been a visiting scholar at the University of Wollongong in Australia in 2008-2009 and Grenoble Ecole de Management in France in 2013.

Currently Mike is most interested in food choice - especially how taste, price, convenience, and nutrition concerns affect consumers, and whether improving structural factors such as appearance, availability and freshness can increase consumption of healthy foods such as fruits and vegetables.

Selected Publications

A complete listing of publications can be seen on my full CV. Some area highlights:

Celebrity effects

  • Basil, M. D. (1996). Identification as a mediator of celebrity effects. Journal of Broadcasting and Electronic Media, 40, 478-495.

  • Brown, W. J., Basil, M. D., and Bocarnea, M. (2003). Social influence of an international celebrity: Responses to the death of Princess Diana. Journal of Communication, 53, 587-605.

  • Consumer message processing

  • Basil, M. D. (1994). Multiple resource theory I: Application to television viewing. Communication Research, 21, 177-207.

  • Lang, A. and Basil, M. D. (1998). Attention, resource allocation, and communication research: What do secondary reaction task reaction times measure, anyway? In M. E. Roloff (Ed.), Communication Yearbook, Volume 21 (pp. 443-473). Newbury Park, CA: Sage.

  • Marketing of healthy and tasty food

  • Glanz, K., Basil, M., Maibach, E. Goldberg, J. and Snyder, D. (1998). Why Americans eat what they do: Taste, nutrition, cost, convenience, and weight control concerns as influences on food consumption. Journal of the American Dietetic Association, 98, 1118-1126.

  • Basil, M. D. (2012). A history of farmers' markets in Canada. Journal of Historical Research in Marketing, 5, 387-407.

  • Social marketing

  • Basil, M. D. (2001). Teaching and modeling ethics in social marketing. In A. Andreasen (Ed.), Ethical issues in social marketing (pp. 184-200). Washington, DC: Georgetown University Press.

  • Basil, M. D. (2013). Effects of social marketing: Potential and limitations. In E. Scharrer (Ed.), Media Effects/Media Psychology, Vol. 5, Media Effects/Media Psychology (pp. 552-566). The International Encyclopedia of Media Studies. Boston, MA: Wiley-Blackwell.

  • Visual Reseach Methods

  • Basil, M. (2007). Japanese love hotels: A photo essay. Consumption, Markets, and Culture, 10(2), 203-221.

  • Basil, M. D. (2011). Use of photography and video in observational research. Qualitative Marketing Research, 14, 246-257.
  • Research Interests

    Mike's research has focused on marketing communication -- advertising, celebrity effects, and consumer message processing. He is interested in marketing strategy -- how products or services can best meet consumer needs. Mike is especially interested in how food consumption is shaped by culture and habit as well as factors such as taste, convenience, and nutrition. Although most familar with quantiative methods, he is also interested in the application of qualitative and visual methods.

    His full academic vita is available below.

    Current Research and Creative Activity

    TitleLocationGrant InformationPrincipal InvestigatorCo Researchers
    Farmerís markets as a distribution and retail channel. (Comparing Lethbridge Farmerís markets with those in Italy) Lethbridge, Italy

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