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Dhillon School of Business - Policy & Strategy
Office: Calgary (Calgary Campus)
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LLB (International Relation), Fudan University, Shanghai; MPA (International/Public Administration), University of Southern California; PhD (Public Policy/International Technology Transfer), University of Southern California


Decision making under extreme conditions, Some derivative research topics include crisis leadership (decision making under crisis), International technology transfer (judgement improvement via tacit knowledge learning), Cross cultural executive study

Research Areas

Global Mindset and International Strategy of Chinese Companies; Trust, Justice, and Organizational Performance; Generative Learning in International Collaboration

Previous Research Areas

Tacit knowledge management; Diversity, trust and strategic decision; global mindedness and international strategic orientation; crisis management, change management

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Dr. Yongjian Bao received both his PhD in public policy and MPA from the University of Southern California in Los Angeles. He also graduated from Fudan University in Shanghai with a bachelor degree of law.

Being an international scholar with a local concentration, Dr. Bao selected China as the focus country for his intellectual inquiries. He provided training and consultation to many companies there, including Eli Lily Pharmaceutical Co. in China, Xi'an Janssen Pharmaceutical Co.(joint venture with Johnson and Johnson), Jiang Lin Automobile Co. (joint venture with Ford), Motorola China.

His biweekly column appeared on 21st Century Business Herald, China Business, Shanghai Morning News, and Shanghai Observer. To put his knowledge in practice, he accepted the invitation to be the outside member of board of directors of Tian Pin Insurance Inc. during 2005, Green Court Investment from 2015. His expertise demonstrated in six books in Chinese.

Dr. Bao is a member of the Academy of International Business, and Academy of Management.

Dr. Bao teaches business strategy and organization theory on our Calgary campus. He is a regular lecturer for EMBA programs in Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Fudan University and Nanjin University in China, where he is a visiting professor. He was ranked as the top speaker by the industrial participants in 2011,2012, 2013, and 2015.

Dr. Bao focuses his research on the cognitive dimension of management, which includes TMT decision making, corporate entrepreneurship management, rare event learning, tacit knowledge transfer, cross-culture study on business ethics, and trust and justice factors in team performance.

With other researchers, Dr. Bao has 5 papers in A category journals, and numerous papers in other strong journals of related fields respectively.

Research areas
Decision making under extreme conditions; decision making under crisis and uncertainty; international technology transfer (judgement improvement via tacit knowledge learning), cross cultural executive study; entrepreneurship and innovation of Chinese companies.

Selected Publications


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BOOKS Published in Chinese

Bao, Yongjian, 2017. Strategy in Peripheral Visioning. The New World Publication Inc. Beijing China.

Bao, Yongjian, 2015. Winning Strategies of New Technology: Elon Musk and His Ventures.
Publishing House of Mechanical Industry, Beijing.

Bao, Yongjian, 2014. Crisis Advantage: Seeking order out of Chaos. Hongzhou: Zhejiang
University Press.

Bao, Yongjian, & Wenlong Yuan. 2011. Tao of Crisis Management. Truth & Wisdom Publishing. Shanghai People's Publishing House. Shanghai, China.

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Publishing. Shanghai. China.

Bao, Yongjian, & Baizhu Chen. 2002. 6 Ps, Success Factors. Fudan University Publishing.

Bao, Yongjian, & Baizhu Chen. 2001. Strategy in Network Economy. Shanghai, Fudan University Publishing. Shanghai, China.

Bao, Yongjian G. Gu, G.D. Li, J. Luo, &W. Lu. 1988. Debate across the Strait.
Shanghai Xuelin Publishing, Shanghai, China.

Research Interests

currently, working on three projects: case studies of Nordic entrepreneurship, rare events learning, and study of strategic ambivalence.

Current Research and Creative Activity

TitleLocationGrant InformationPrincipal InvestigatorCo Researchers
Cognitive dimension of internationalization strategy of Chinese Executives China YJ Bao, University of Lethbridge Eden Yin, Cambridge University
Hope, Job Demand, and Organizational Commitment of Executives YJ Bao, University of Lethbridge Brad Olson, University of Lethbridge
Trust, Justice, and Team Performance YJ Bao, University of Lethbridge Brad Olson, University of Lethbridge

Previous Research

TitleGrant AgencyCompletion Date
Tacit Knowledge Transfer NA 2004
Tacit Knowledge Acquisition NA 2006
TMT Decision Making in Chinese Companies NA 2006
Cognitive Diversity, Conflict, Trust and Decision Outcome NA 2007
Cross-Cultural Business Ethics Study, China and Peru NA 2007

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