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Anne Dymond
Fine Arts - Art Department
Office: W816 (University Centre for the Arts)
Phone: (403) 380-1853
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B.A. (Hons.) (Art History and English); M.A. (Art History); Ph.D. (Art History)


French nineteenth century art, French 20th century art, Museum studies, Regionalism, Nationalism, Folk culture, Ethnographic museums, Neo-impressionism, Matisse, Provence, Modernism

Research Areas

Matisse, Neo-impressionism, Museum studies, Regionalism, Folk culture, Ethnographic museums, Provence

About Me

I am an art historian and my most recent work looks at issues of diversity and representation in Canadian art galleries. I began working on regional representation in nineteenth century France. As different as these things might seem, they are linked by my continuing interest in art and radical politics, and the politics of art galleries.

I am also active in the community, and am Co-Chair of the University's Refugee Action Committee, and faculty advisor to the World University Service of Canada local committee. Both these groups support and sponsor the emigration of qualified refugees to emigrate to Canada. I have been honored to be awarded the University's Senate Volunteer Award and the YWCA's Woman of Distinction Award for this work. I also sit on the board of the United Way of Lethbridge.


Anne Dymond received her Ph.D. in Art History from Queen's University in 2000. Her most recent book, Diversity Counts: Gender, Race and Representation in Canadian Art Galleries (McGill-Queen's University Press, 2019) has been called "an impressive and sobering analysis of gender and diversity in contemporary art, and a compelling call for more inclusive curating."

Her latest research looks at the production of internatonally touring exhibition produced in Canadian museums as a way of considering the possibilities and limits of artistic cultural diplomacy in Canada.

Earier research projects focused on use of visual culture, such as tourist posters and museum displays, to create and solidify a sense of cultural identity in France in the late nineteenth century. Work examining the anarchist imagining of Provence as the ideal location for their dreams of a utopian future, revealed in the paintings of Neo-Impressionist Paul Signac, was published in The Art Bulletin. She has also published on issues of center and periphery as revealed in the display of women and fashion in the 1900 World's Fair, and on the development of tourism to Mediterranean France.

Selected Publications

Diversity Counts: Gender, Race, and Representation in Canadian Art Galleries, McGill-Queen's University Press, 2019.

Articles and book chapters

"Valiant, Independent, and Harmonious: Paul Signac and Neo-Impressionism after 1900" in RIHA Journal, Special Issue "New Directions in Neo-Impressionism" edited by Tania Woloshyn and Anne Dymond, available here:

"Displaying the Arlésienne: Museums, Folklife and Regional Identity in France," in Folklore and Nationalism in Europe During the Long Nineteenth Century, ed. Timothy Baycroft and David Hopkin (Leiden: Brill, 2012), 137-159.

"Embodying the Nation: Art, Fashion and Allegorical Women at the 1900 Exposition Universelle," RACAR, v. 36, no. 2 (2011): 1-14.

"Advertising Provence: Tourism, the PLM, and the Regionalist Movement," Nottingham French Studies, vol. 50 no. 1 (2011).

"The Texture of Memory: Dagmar Dahle's Search for Van Gogh," Exhibition catalogue essay, Stride Gallery, Calgary, 2009; available here:

"Another Form of Writing: The Sculpture of Lethbridge's Nicholas Wade," Canadian Art 23, no. 2 (summer 2006): 74-6.

"A Politicized Pastoral: Signac and the Cultural Geography of Mediterranean France," Art Bulletin 85, no. 2 (June 2003), 355-370. Revised and reprinted in Modern Art and the Idea of the Mediterranean, edited by Vojtěch Jirat-Wasiutyński with the assistance of Anne Dymond (University of Toronto Press).

"Marketing Provence: Selling the View and Viewing the South," The Commercialization of European Identities in the 19th Century section of Conference Proceedings of the International Society for the Study of European Ideas Biannual conference, Bergen, Norway, August 2000, published on CD-Rom.

"L'Arlésienne exposée à Paris et à Marseille." In L'Arlésienne: Le Mythe?, ed. Pascale Picard-Cajan, 199-210. Arles: Museon Arlaten, 1999.

Reviews and Notices

"Brendan Tang: From Manga to Ming," Review of Brendan Tang's exhibition at the Southern Alberta Art Gallery, summer 2010, in Canadian Art online; available here:

"Vojtěch Jirat-Wasiutyński," Newsletter of the Association of Historians of Nineteenth Century Art (Fall 2006)

Review of Mary Kavanagh's exhibition Seeking Georgia in BorderCrossings 25, no. 2, issue no. 98 (June 2006): 109-110.

Review of Édouard Vuillard, ed. Guy Cogeval, with Kimberly Jones et al., The University of Toronto Quarterly 74, no. 1 (Winter 2004): 547-48.

Review of The Modern Portrait in Nineteenth-Century France by Heather McPherson, Victorian Review 28, no. 1 (2002): 80-84.

Review of Antimodernism and Artistic Experience: Policing the Boundaries of Modernity, ed. Lynda Jessup, Literary Review of Canada 10, no. 2 (March 2002): 19-21.

In The Media

2019 Senate Volunteer Award Winner:

2019 YWCA Woman of Distinction:

Current Research and Creative Activity

TitleLocationGrant InformationPrincipal InvestigatorCo Researchers
Book Project: Modernism, Provençal Regionalism, and the Nation: The Role of Visual Culture in Defining the Midi, 1890-1914 Lethbridge AB, and France
Museums and Communities in Southern Alberta Lethbridge, AB University of Lethbridge Chinook Summer Research Award.

Anne Dymond, University of Lethbridge Cayley Sorochan
The Cultural Geography of Modernism: Matisse and the Mediterranean in the 1900s Lethbridge AB, and France

Curriculum Vitae

Anne Dymond CV June 2019

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