Campus Directory: A William Smith

University of Lethbridge

A William Smith
Fine Arts - New Media Department
Phone: (403) 380-1803
Fax: (403) 382-7127


Theatre, Art, Dance, New Media-animation, Static-image processing, Moving-image processing, Animation, Interactive new media-sequencing, Motion-capture, Realtime audio synthesis based on satellite imagery, Aesthetic movement for motion-capture, New media narrative, Screenplay writing, New media generalist

Research Areas

Realtime audio synthesis based on satellite imagery, New media-animation featuring my motion-captured aesthetic movement, Creative new-media narrative reflected in young adult novels and screenplays, fusion of theatre, art, music, science

About Me

"What I don't know interests me more than what I do know."
—Alphonse William Smith

It is hard to stay focused. I am interested in so many things . . . maybe . . . . what you do. Yes! I am . . . .

I recently took a Jungian profile survey, and I am definitely not ASFP. Well, attention to vowels has never been critical to the consonants in my world.

I laugh as much as I can. Do you? What do YOU laugh about?


Research Interests

i am interested in translating from one language to another. Well, . . . I mean symbolic, not linguistic.

Let's cross boundaries.

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