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Blythe Shepard
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Office: TH316 (Turcotte Hall)
Phone: (403) 329-2383


P.D.P (Education), Simon Fraser University; B.A. (Psychology), University of Waterloo; M.A. (Counseling), University of Victoria; Ph.D (Educational Psychology), University of Victoria


Life-Career Development and Counselling, Rural Youth Transitions, Rural Women Career Paths, Families Living with FASD, Counsellor Training and Supervision, Research Ethics, Qualitative Research Methods:, Ethnographic and Narrative Research, Community-based Research, Research Ethics

Research Areas

Counsellor mobility in Canada, rural women's life-career development, building inclusive communities for youth with FASD, counsellor training and supervision

Previous Research Areas

Life-Career Development and Counselling, Rural Youth Transitions, Families Living with FASD, Caregivers of Children with FASD, Children and Youth with FASD, Counsellor Training and Supervision, Qualitative Research Methods, Ethnographic and Narrative Research, Community-based Research

Selected Publications

Shepard, B., & Quressette, S. (2010). Possible selves mapping intervention: Rural women and beyond. In G. R. Wolz, J. C. Bluer, R. K. Yep (Eds.), Ideas and Research You Can Use, Vistas 2010. American Counseling Association.

Schulz, Wm. E., Sheppard, G., Shepard, B., Lehr, R., & Martin, L. (2008). Standards of Practice for Counsellors. Ottawa, ON; Canadian Counselling Association.

Palmer, K., & Shepard, B. (2008). An Art Inquiry into the Experiences of a Family of a Child
Living with a Chronic Pain Condition: A Case Study. Canadian Journal of Counselling, 42(1), 7-23.

Ommer, R. E. & CUS Research Project Team (2007). Coasts Under Stress. Restructuring and Social-Ecological Health. Montreal: McGill-Queen's University Press.

Shepard, B., & Hudson Breen, R. (2007). Youth with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder:
Suggestions for Theory-Based Career Practice. Canadian Journal of Career Development,6(1), 25-31.

Jackson, L., Marshall, A., Tirone, S., Donovan, C. & Shepard, B. (2006). The forgotten population? Power, powerlessness, and agency among youth in coastal communities. In P. R. Sinclair & R. E. Ommer (Eds.), Power and Restructuring: Canada's Coastal Society and Environment (pp. 232-248). St. John's, NL: ISER Books.

Tirone, S., Shepard, B., & Turner, N., Jackson, L., Marshall, A., & Donovan, C. (2006). Celebrating and connecting with food. In C. C. Parrish, N. J. Turner, & S. M. Solberg (Eds.), Resetting the Kitchen Table: Food Security, Culture, Health, and Resilience in Coastal Communities. Hauppague, NY: Nova Science Publishers.

Schulz, Wm. E., Sheppard, G., Lehr, R., & Shepard, B. (2006). Counselling Ethics: Issues and Cases. Ottawa, ON; Canadian Counselling Association.

Shepard, B, O'Neill, L., & Guenette, F. (2006). Counselling Issues of First Nations Women: Considerations of Oppression and Renewal. International Journal for the Advancement of Counselling, 28(3), 227-240.

Marshall, A., & Shepard, B. (2006). Youth on the margins: Ethical conduct in focus group research with adolescents. In B. Leadbeater, E. Banister, C. Benoit, M. Jansson, A. Marshall, & T. Riecken (Eds.), Ethical Issues in Community-Based Research with Children and Youth (pp. 139-156). Toronto: University of Toronto Press.

Marshall, A., Shepard, B., & Leadbeater, B. (2004-2006). Interdisciplinary Research: Charting New Directions Collaboratively. International Journal of Humanities, 2(2), 953-960.

Shepard, B. (2005). Rural youth: Negotiating pathways to adulthood. In R. Tonkin & L. Foster Eds.), The Youth of BC: Their Past and Their Future. Canadian Western Geographical Series 39 (pp.189-206). Victoria, BC: Western Geographical Press. pard, B. (2005). Embedded selves: Co-constructing a relationally based career workshop for rural girls. Canadian Journal of Counselling, 39(4), 231-244.

Shepard, B. (2004). In search of self: A qualitative study of the life-career development of rural young women. Canadian Journal of Counselling, 38(2), 75-90.

Marshall, A., Shepard, B., & Batten, S. (2003). Voices from the margins. Ethical research practices in Aboriginal communities. International Journal of Diversity in Organizations, Communities, and Nations Volume 3, Article: DC03-0039-2003.

Current Research and Creative Activity

TitleLocationGrant InformationPrincipal InvestigatorCo Researchers
Development and Publication of a Canadian Career Counselling Text Canada Canadian Education and Research Institute for Counselling (CERIC).

Blythe Shepard Priya Mani
Development of Generic Support Materials for Canadian Provinces/Territories Related to Enhanced Mobility of the Counselling Profession: Phase 3 Canada Human Resources and Skills Development Canada 2010-2011.

Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association Blythe Shepard (Co-chair)
Informal and Formal Mental Health Support in the North Northern Canada Northern SSHRC 2009-2012.

Linda O'Neill (UNBC) Blythe Shepard, Corrine Koehn

Previous Research

TitleGrant AgencyCompletion Date
Inclusive Communities for Youth Adults with FASD Victoria Foundation August 2010
Rural Women's Working Lives Community of Research Excellence Development Opportunities (CREDO) August 2010
Ladysmith Fathers' Group Funded by Victoria Foundation and the Ladysmith Resources Centre Association 2008
Emerging Counsellor Identity: An Exploration with Expressive Art Techniques Not Funded 2008
Moms Mentoring Moms Support Group Evaluation Project Funded by Victoria Foundation and FASD Community Circle 2008
To Assess the Impact on Professionals who Volunteer at a Residential Camp for Individuals with FASD Funded by Queen Alexandra Foundation for Children 2008
What Happens after the Multidisciplinary Diagnosis for FASD? Supporting the well-being of children and youth with FASD in the school environment Funded by Child and Youth Health Research Network Grant 2007
Transitions to Adulthood for Youth with FASD Funded by Health Research Grant Application Assistance Program (HRGAAP) 2007
Evaluation of FASD Pilot Diagnosis and Support Project Funded by FASD Community Circle 2006
White Crow Camp: A mixed method study of the effects on caregivers of children with FASD Funded by Queen Alexandra Foundation for Children 2006
Paths to the future: Life-career development for rural and First Nation youth Funded by Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC) 2006
Adolescents' Reports of Possible Selves and Health Behaviour Funded by University of Victoria, Internal Grant 2004

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