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University of Lethbridge

Carly Adams
Kinesiology & Physical Education
Office: PE205E (Physical Education Building)
Phone: (403) 332-4508
Socio/Cultural Lab
Room: PE246 (Physical Education Building)
Phone: (403) 332-4508


BHK (Hons.) (Sport Management); Ph.D. (Kinesiology)


20th century Canadian sport, oral, regional and local histories, gender, sport governance, the Modern Olympic Movement

About Me


Dr. Adams was appointed as a Board of Governors Research Chair, Tier II, 2016-2019.

Her research interests include historical and sociological inquiry of sport, recreation and leisure. She is currently working on two research projects: The Nikkei Memory Capture Project is a trans-national oral history collaboration (with Dr. Darren Aoki at Plymouth University, UK) exploring the stories of Japanese Canadians in southern Alberta after the Second World War. Her SSHRC (Sport Participation Research Initiative) funded project, in collaboration with Dr. Hart Cantelon, explores issues of community revitalization and rural survival in Southern Alberta through a case study of the Warner Hockey School in Warner, Alberta. Dr. Adams earned a BHK from the University of Windsor (2001) and a PhD from The University of Western Ontario (2007). She is a founding member of the Centre for Oral History and Tradition.

Dr. Adams is the Editor of Sport History Review.

KNES 2130 - Humanities Dimensions of Physical Activity
KNES 3120 - The Modern Olympic Movement
KNES 4720 - Gender and Physical Activity
KNES 4400 - Canadian Sport History
KNES 4900 - Interdisciplinary Research Dialogues

CSPT 5103: Qualitative Interviewing

Dr. Adams supervises students in the Kinesiology and Cultural, Social and Political Thought MA and PhD majors and she is currently accepting graduate students.

Selected Publications

Adams, Carly (2019) "Sport and Physical Culture in Historical Perspective." In Jay Scherer and Brian Wilson (eds.) Sport and Physical Culture in Canadian Society. Pearson.

Adams, Carly and Stacey Leavitt (2018) "It's just girls' hockey:" Troubling progress narratives in girls' and women's sport," International Review for the Sociology of Sport, 53(2): 152-172.

Adams, Carly and Jason Laurendeau (2018) "'Here they come! Look them over!': Youth, citizenship, and the emergence of minor hockey in Canada. In Jenny Ellison and Jennifer Anderson (eds.) Hockey: Challenging Canada's Game. Ottawa, ON: University of Ottawa Press.

Adams, Carly and Jason Laurendeau (2018) "Ghostly (Dis) appearances: Sport, Gender and Feminism in Canada." In Glenda Bonifacio (ed.) Global Currents in Gender and Feminisms: Canadian and International Perspectives. Bingley, UK: Emerald Publishing Group.

Shields, Rachel, Jason Laurendeau and Carly Adams (2017) "The logic of memory: 'Paroxysms of tears and joy' for the London Olympics and the Bhopal disaster," Memory Studies, 10(2): 193-209.

Adams, Carly (2014) "Troubling bodies: "The Canadian girl, the ice rink, and the Banff Winter Carnival." Journal of Canadian Studies, 48(3): 200-220.

Stevens, Julie and Carly Adams (2013) Together we can make it better: Collective action and governance in a girls' ice hockey association," International Review for the Sociology of Sport, 48(6): 658-672

Kossuth, Robert and Carly Adams (2013) Reflections on critical sport history in the museum: Opportunities and challenges from a local/regional project. Journal of Sport History, 40(2): 401-411.

Adams, Carly (2012), "(Writing myself into) Betty White's stories: (De)constructing narratives of/through feminist sport history research," Journal of Sport History, special issue on feminist sport history, 39(3): 395-414.

Adams, Carly (2012) "Historical methods and traces of the past: Embracing the complexities and engaging in reflexivity" In Kevin Young and Michael Atkinson (eds.) Qualitative Research in Sport and Physical Culture. Oxford, UK: Elsevier.

Adams, Carly (2011), Queens of the ice. Toronto, ON: James Lorimer & Company Ltd.

Adams, Carly (2011), "I just felt like I belonged to them: Women's industrial softball, London, Ontario 1923-35," Journal of Sport History, 38(1): 75-94.

Adams, Carly (2011), "Supervised places to play: Social reform, citizenship, and femininity at municipal playgrounds in London, Ontario, 1900-1942," Ontario History, 103(1): 60-80.

Laurendeau, Jason and Carly Adams (2010), "'Jumping like a girl': Discursive silences, exclusionary practices, and the controversy over women's ski jumping," Sport in Society 13(3): 431-447.

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