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University of Lethbridge

Debra Basil
Dhillon School of Business - Marketing
Office: M4061
Phone: (403) 329-2164


B.A. (Business Administration); Ph.D. (Marketing)


Consumer attitude and affect, Non-profit and cause-related marketing, Social marketing, Volunteerism

Research Areas

Employee volunteerism, Cause-related marketing, Charity guilt appeals, Corporate social responsibility

About Me

Professor of Marketing

Institute for Social and Consumer Well-being: Director and Co-founder

Foreign Teaching and Research: Japan (2005), Australia (2008), France (2003, 2013)


University of Lethbridge, Professor of Marketing (2012)

University of Lethbridge, Associate Professor (2006), Assistant Professor (2000)
Deluxe Corporation, Account Executive (1988-1995), Seattle, Honolulu, Denver USA
Porter Novelli Public Relations firm, Research Intern
Allstate Insurance, Market Analysis Intern

University of Colorado, Boulder, PhD--Marketing (2002)
University of Washington, Seattle, BBA--Marketing (1988)

Selected Publications


[BOOK] Basil, D. Z., Diaz-Meneses, G., & Basil, M. D., eds. (2019). Social Marketing in Action: Cases from Around the World. Switzerland AG: Springer International Publishing. DOI: 10.1007/978-3-030-13020-6. ISBN: 978-3-030-13019-0.

Basil, D. Z., Basil, M., Lavack, A. M. & Deshpande, S. (2020). Toward developing an environmental efficacy construct. Journal of Social Marketing, 10, 1-17.

Soboleva, A.*, Burton, S., Daellenbach, K, & Basil, D. Z. (2017). Tweets for tots: Using twitter to promote a charity and its supporters. Journal of Consumer Marketing.

Burton, S., Soboleva, A*., Daellenbach, K., Basil, D., Beckman, T., Deshpande, S. (2017). Helping Those Who Help Us: Co-branded and Co-Created Twitter Promotion in Corporate Giving. Journal of Brand Management, 24(4), 322-333.

Basil, M. D., Basil, D. Z., Lavack, A., & Deshpande, S. A. (2013). Applying the Extended Parallel Process Model to workplace safety messages. Health Communication, 28(1), 29-39.

Basil, D. Z., Runté, M., Basil, M. D., & Usher, J. (2011). Company support for employee volunteering: Does size matter? The Journal of Business Research, 64(10), 61-66.

Basil, D. Z., Runté, M., Easwaramoorthy, M., & Barr, C. (2009). Company support for employee volunteering: A national survey of companies in Canada. Journal of Business Ethics, 85(2), 387-398.

Basil, D. Z., Ridgway, N. M., & Basil, M. D. (2008). Guilt and giving: A process model of empathy and efficacy. Psychology & Marketing, 25(1), 1-23.

Basil, D. Z., Ridgway, N. M., & Basil, M. D. (2006). Guilt appeals: The mediating effect of responsibility. Psychology & Marketing, 23(12), 1035-1054.

Basil, D. Z., & Herr, P. M. (2006). Attitudinal balance and cause-related marketing: An empirical application of balance theory. Journal of Consumer Psychology, 16(4), 391-403.

Basil, M. D., & Basil, D. Z. (2006). The marketing market: a study of PhD supply, demand, hiring institutions, and job candidates. Journal of Business Research, 59, 516-523.


Wehbe, M.*, Basil, M. D., & Basil, D. Z. (2017). Reactance and coping responses to anti-tobacco messages. Journal of Health Communication, 22(7), 576-583.

Wiebe, J. S.*, Basil, D. Z., & Runte, M. (2016). Psychological Distance and Perceived Consumer Effectiveness in a Cause-related Marketing Context. International Review on Public and Nonprofit Marketing, 14(2), 197-215. doi:10.1007/s12208-016-0170-y

Awagu, C.*, Basil, D. Z. (2016). Fear appeals: The influence of threat orientations. Journal of Social Marketing, 6(4).

Chen, S*., Deshpande, S., & Basil, D. Z. (2011). Influence of Fit on CRM: Moderating Effects of Collectivism and Awareness. Asia-Pacific Advances in Consumer Research, 9, 281-288.

Mazaheri, E*., Basil, D. Z., Yanamandram, V., & Daroczi, Z. (2011). The impact of pre-existing attitude, conflict management style, and service outcome on customer satisfaction: An Empirical Investigation. Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services, 18(3), 235-245.

Shang*, J., Basil, D. Z., & Wymer, W. (2010). Using social marketing to enhance hotel reuse programs. The Journal of Business Research, 63(2), 166-172.

Zhu, Y.*, Basil, D. Z., & Hunter, M. G. (2009). A study of Canadian winery websites: Identification of a market integration stage. Canadian Journal of Administrative Sciences, 26(4), 286-300.

In The Media

Appeared before the Senate of Canada Charitable Sector Special Committee to present on volunteerism in Canada. June 4, 2018, Ottawa.

Spotlight on Research; Management Matters; Spring 2006.

Research Project on Corporate Volunteerism Programs Receives Grant; Management Matters; Spring 2005.

Research looks at corporate support; Lethbridge Herald; February 4, 2006.

Research Interests

Ethics in Publishing
Cause-related Marketing
Socially Responsible Marketing
Social Marketing
Guilt and Fear Appeals
Corporate Social Responsibility

Current Research and Creative Activity

TitleLocationGrant InformationPrincipal InvestigatorCo Researchers
Cause Marketing from the Nonprofit's Perspective Debra Basil Mary Runte
Cause-related marketing: Assessing motivations, experiences and impact for nonprofit organizations. SSHRC, $75,880, 2008.

Basil, D. Z., Deshpande, S. & Runte, M.
Consumer Response to Point of Sale Cause Marketing Debra Basil
Environmental Efficacy: Scale Creation University of Lethbridge University Scholars Award.

Debra Z. Basil Richard Perlow
Social Marketing in Action: Cases from Around the World Textbook in process and under contract with Springer International.

Debra Z. Basil, Co-editor Michael D. Basil and Gonzalo Diaz Meneses, co-editors
The impact of touchscreen devices on individual judgment and decision making SSHRC Insight Grant, $94,884, 3 Years.

Ying Zhu Debra Z. Basil

Previous Research

TitleGrant AgencyCompletion Date
Corporate Volunteerism Programs: An Impact Assessment Imagine Canada through the Knowledge Development Centre Canada Volunteerism Initiative 2005
Guilt Advertisements: A Model of Consumer Response to Charitable Guilt Appeals University of Lethbridge Research Fund 2003
Using Social Marketing to Increase Occupational Health and Safety WorkSafe BC 2005-07
Nutrition Labels University of Lethbridge Research Fund 2007
Cause-related marketing: Assessing motivations, experiences and impact for nonprofit organizations SSHRC $75,880 2008

Curriculum Vitae

Debra Basil CV

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