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Harold Jansen
Associate Dean
Arts & Science, Dean's Office
Office: A562 (University Hall)
Phone: (403) 380-1813
Political Science
Office: D852 (University Hall)
Phone: (403) 329-2577


PhD (Political Science), University of Alberta; MA (Political Science), Carleton University; BA (Political Science), University of Alberta


Canadian politics, Elections and voting in Canada, Canadian political parties, Party finance, Alberta politics and government, Representation and electoral systems, Preferential voting (STV and AV) in Canada, The impact of the Internet on political communication in Canada

Research Areas

Party finance in Canada, Party finance in Alberta, Alberta politics



Ph.D. University of Alberta, 1998.
M.A. Carleton University, 1990.
B.A. (Special) University of Alberta, 1989.


2006-present: Associate Professor of Political Science, University of Lethbridge
1998-2006: Assistant Professor of Political Science, University of Lethbridge

Harold Jansen was born in Grand Rapids, Michigan. He attended The King's University College and The University of Alberta in Edmonton, receiving his B.A. (Special) in Political Science in 1989. He went on to graduate studies at Carleton University in Ottawa, receiving his M.A. in Political Science in 1990, before returning to do his doctorate at the University of Alberta. The Ph.D. was awarded in 1998. He joined the University of Lethbridge in 1998, first on a term appointment and later on a tenure-track position in Canadian politics. His teaching and research have focused on Canadian politics, and on political parties and elections, Alberta politics, and the impact of the Internet on political communication. From 2004 through 2010, Professor Jansen participated in a SSHRC-funded study (led by Lisa Young, University of Calgary) of how Canadian political parties are adapting to the changes to Canada's party finance laws introduced in January of that year. Since 2010, his research has focused on how the Internet has changed the political information, communication, and participation practices of Canadians. He is working with a team of scholars from across Canada, including Thierry Giasson (Laval), Frederick Bastien (Montreal), Tamara Small (Guelph), and Royce Koop (Manitoba).

Research Interests

- The impact of the Internet on political communication and political participation in Canada.
- Canadian politics.
- Elections and voting in Canada.
- Canadian political parties, with a focus on party finance.
- Alberta politics and government, with a special interest in political parties and elections in Alberta.
- Representation and electoral systems, particularly the use of preferential voting (STV and AV) in Canada.

Current Research and Creative Activity

TitleLocationGrant InformationPrincipal InvestigatorCo Researchers
Internet and Political Communication in Canada Lethbridge, AB
Party Finance in Alberta Lethbridge, AB University of Lethbridge Research Fund, $4,300.00, September 1, 2007 - December 31, 2009.

Harold Jansen, University of Lethbridge Trevor Harrison, University of Lethbridge
Study of the impact of Canada's new campaign finance regime on party organization Canada Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council, $138,473, April 1, 2004 - March 31, 2010.

Lisa Young, University of Calgary Anthony Sayers, University of Calgary; Harold Jansen, University of Lethbridge

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