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John Poulsen


Drama, Theatre, Drama as a form of teaching, Directing, Mask building and performing, Puppets building and performing, Evaluation

Research Areas

Evaluation in theatre/drama

Previous Research Areas

Drama education, Theatre education, Assessment, Mask building/performance, Theatre directing, Performance, Drama education history, Drama as teaching tool, Acting, Acting theory, Drama with children with learning disabilities

Selected Publications

Poulsen, J. (2006) Efficacy of Drama Based Teaching on Children with Learning Disabilities. In CCAHTE Canadian Creative Arts in Health, Training and Education. 4, 11-13.

Poulsen, J. (2005) Southern Alberta Drama Festival: Shed the Mask in Ed Links: Activities, Resources, and Updates. University of Lethbridge, Faculty of Education.

Poulsen, J. (2004) Holger Dansker and Sřster Kristella. Culture & Tradition, 24/25.

Poulsen, J. (2004) Student Teachers in the Arts: The Future Looks Bright. A fineFACTA, 5(2), 23-25.

Poulsen, J. (2004) Using Drama Concepts and Methodology to Teach Student Teachers. A fineFACTA, 6(1), 7-10.

Poulsen, J. and Foreman K. (2004) Alberta: Theatrical Wildfires in Margaret Burke (Ed.), Canadian Drama Mosaic Summer 2004: A Historical Perspective of Canada’s Theatre-in-Education: Theatre Canada, 7-10.

Selected Creative Works


2008 Wrote and Directed the Theatre for Young Audiences production of
"Homemade Play Two for the City of Calgary and University of Calgary Dept.
of Drama.

2006 Wrote and Directed the video production of PSI: A Dynamic Semester for the Faculty of Education.

2005 Directed Heaven for the Afrikadey! 2005 Festival in Calgary. The presentation took place at Fort Calgary in August 2005..

2005 Performed in Six Characters in Search of An Author for the Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Lethbridge mainstage, March 2005.

2005 Directed Carousel for Lethbridge Theatre at the Yates Theatre, Lethbridge November 2005.

2004 Directed West Side Story for Lethbridge Theatre at the Yates Theatre, Lethbridge November 2004.

2003 Wrote and directed Harder than I thought with 30 students from Lethbridge Collegiate Institute (LCI). The presentation of this play was at the Shed the Mask festival in University of Lethbridge's Theatre, April 24, 2003.

2003 Performed the role of "Charlie" in Mere Mortals directed by Misty Cozak. The presentation of this play was at Theatre Xtra (January 16-18, 2003) and for the Rotary Clubs benefit performance at the Yates Theatre Sunrise at Night (Feb 22, 2003).

2002 Performed the part of Duncan in Aprés Opéra at Abbondánza. Aprés Opéra was also performed at the Lethbridge Regional One Act Festival on March 8.

Current Research and Creative Activity

TitleLocationGrant InformationPrincipal InvestigatorCo Researchers
Using Drama Concepts and Methodology to Teach Student Teachers. Lethbridge, AB

Previous Research

TitleGrant AgencyCompletion Date
Before the Session Begins 2002
The “Fine Arts as Core” Education Project 2006
Egg Rolling: A Danish Tradition? 2006
Wagonstage In A Park Near You! 35 Years of Western Canadian Plays 2005
How the Tortoise Shattered his Shell: Story Theatre 2005
Drama as a Brain Tool in the Middle School Classroom 2005
Is Interpretation Theatre? 2004
Theatrical Wildfires that have Forged Drama Education in Alberta 2004
Jesus of Montreal 2004
Ramayana: The Great Hindu Epic 2003

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