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University of Lethbridge

Joy Morris
Mathematics & Computer Science
Office: C536 (University Hall)
Phone: (403) 332-4100


B.Sc., Ph.D. (Mathematics)


Combinatorics, Algebraic graph Theory (Cayley Graphs)

Research Areas



Joy obtained her BSc from Trent University in 1992, and her PhD from Simon Fraser University in February of 2000, under the supervision of Brian Alspach. She has been at the University of Lethbridge since July of 2000. She received tenure and was promoted to Associate Professor in 2005, and to Professor in 2015.

In December of 2002, Joy married Dave (Witte) Morris, who is also a member of the Department of Mathematics & Computer Science.

Selected Publications

S. Guest, J. Morris, C. Praeger, and P. Spiga. "On the maximum orders of elements of finite almost simple groups and primitive permutation groups," Transactions of the American Mathematical Society 367 (2015), 7665-7694.

S. Bhoumik, E. Dobson, and J. Morris. "Asymptotic automorphism groups of circulant graphs and digraphs," Ars Mathematica Contemporanea 7 (2014), 487-506.

J. Bamberg, M. Giudici, J. Morris, G. Royle, and P. Spiga. "Generalised quadrangles with a group of automorphisms acting primitively on points and lines," Journal of Combinatorial Theory - Series A 119 (2012), 1479-1499.

J. Morris, C.E. Praeger, and P. Spiga. "Strongly regular edge-transitive graphs," Ars Mathematica Contemporanea 2 (2009), 137-155.

Li, C.H., D. Marusic and J. Morris. "Classifying Arc-transitive Circulants of Square-free Order," Journal of Algebraic Combinatorics 14 (2001), 145-151.

J. Morris. "Isomorphic Cayley graphs on nonisomorphic groups." Journal of Graph Theory 31 (1999), 345-362.

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Research Interests

Joy Morris' research relates to the interactions between group theory and graph theory; in particular, she is interested in using group theory to prove results for Cayley graphs or other graphs with known automorphisms. Graph-theoretic properties that she has studied in this context include fault tolerance, full automorphism groups, and Hamilton cycles.

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