Campus Directory: Md Kamar Ali

University of Lethbridge

Md Kamar Ali
Economics Department
Office: D888 (University Hall)
Phone: (403) 317-2876


BSc 1983, Chittagong College, University of Chittagong, MSc (Statistics, 1985), University of Chittagong, MSc (Environmental and Resource Economics, 1994), University College London, PhD (Natural Resource Economics, 2002), West Virginia University


Resource Economics, Regional Economics, Water Resource Management

Research Areas

Natural resource and environmental economics, Water resource management, Soil Carbon sequestration, Regional economics, rural-urban interdependence, and migration

Selected Publications

Ali, Md Kamar (2016): Improving Allocative Efficiency of Scarce Water in Southern Alberta. Water Economics and Policy, 2(2): 22 pages.

Ali, Md Kamar and K.K. Klein (2014): Water Use Efficiency and Productivity of the Irrigation Districts in Southern Alberta. Water Resources Management, 28: 2751-2766.

Ali, Md Kamar and K.K. Klein (2014): Implications of current and alternative water allocation policies in the Bow River Sub Basin of Southern Alberta. Agricultural Water Management, 133: 1-11.

Klein, K.K., R. Bewer, Md Kamar Ali, and S.N. Kulshreshtha (2012): Estimating water use efficiencies for water management reform in Southern Alberta irrigated agriculture. Water Policy, 14: 1015-1032.

He, L., T.M. Horbulyk, M. Kamar Ali, D.G. Le Roy, and K.K. Klein (2012): Proportional water sharing vs. seniority-based allocations in the Bow River basin of Southern Alberta. Agricultural Water Management, 104: 21-31.

Partridge, M.D., D. Rickman, M. Rose Olfert, and Kamar Ali (2012): Dwindling U.S. Internal Migration: Evidence of Spatial Equilibrium or Structural Shifts in Local Labor Markets? Regional Science and Urban Economics, 42(1-2): 375-388.

Ali, Kamar, Mark D. Partridge, and Dan S. Rickman (2011): International immigration and domestic out-migrants: Are domestic migrants moving to new jobs or away from immigrants? Annals of Regional Science. DOI: 10.1007/s00168-011-0456-2.

Ali, Kamar, M. Rose Olfert and Mark D. Partridge (2011). Urban Footprints in Rural Canada: Employment Spillovers by City Size. Regional Studies, 45(2)-239-260.

Partridge, M., D. Rickman, Kamar Ali, and M.R. Olfert (2010): Recent Spatial Growth Dynamics in Wages and Housing Costs: Proximity to Urban Production Externalities and Consumer Amenities. Regional Science and Urban Economics, 40(6): 440-452.

Partridge, M., Kamar Ali, and M.R. Olfert (2010): Rural-to-Urban Commuting: Three Degrees of Integration. Growth and Change, 41(2): 303-335.

Partridge, M., D. Rickman, Kamar Ali, and M.R. Olfert (2009): Agglomeration Spillovers and Wage and Housing Cost Gradients across the Urban Hierarchy. Journal of International Economics, 78(1): 126-140.

Partridge, M., D. Rickman, Kamar Ali, and M.R. Olfert (2009): Do New Economic Geography Agglomeration Shadows Underlie Current Population Dynamics across the Urban Hierarchy? Papers in Regional Science, 88(2): 445-466.

Partridge, M., D. Rickman, Kamar Ali, and M.R. Olfert (2008): Lost in Space: Population Dynamics in the American Hinterlands and Small Cities. Journal of Economic Geography, 8 (Sept): 727-57.

Partridge, M., D. Rickman, and Kamar Ali (2008): Recent Immigration and Economic Outcomes in Rural America. American Journal of Agricultural Economics 90(5): 1326-1333.

Partridge, M., D. Rickman, Kamar Ali, and M.R. Olfert (2008): The Geographic Diversity of U.S. Nonmetropolitan Growth Dynamics: A Geographically Weighted Regression Approach. Land Economics 84(2): 243-68.

Antle, J.M., S.M. Capalbo, K. Paustian and M. Kamar Ali (2007): Estimating the economic potential for agricultural soil carbon sequestration in the Central United States using an aggregate econometric-process simulation model. Climatic Change 80(1-2): 145-71.

Ali, Kamar, M.D. Partridge, and M.R. Olfert (2007): Can Geographically Weighted Regressions Improve Regional Analysis and Policymaking? International Regional Science Review 30(3): 300-329.

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