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University of Lethbridge

Hadi Kharaghani
Mathematics & Computer Science
Office: C568 (University Hall)
Phone: (403) 329-2471


B.Sc. (Mathematics) University of Tehran; M.Sc. (Mathematics) Pahlavi University; Ph.D. (Mathematics) University of Calgary


Hadamard matrices, Orthogonal designs and applications

Office Hours

MWF 11:00 AM to 1:00 PM

About Me

I am interested in design theory and related applications. More specifically, I work on Hadamard matrices and designs. A very special class of Hadamard matrices which I have called them to be of "Bush-type" has proven to be extremely interesting. A recent result of Muzychuck and Xiang establishes the existence of these matrices for many interesting orders, but of course, we need to investigate the existence of many more. A very recent link found between these matrices and the "energy of graphs" has made them so much more interesting.

Selected Publications

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In The Media

Awards Celebrate Distinguished Teaching, Research, Scholarship and Performance; Legend; June 2005 convcation issue.

The Algorithm is Key to Kharaghani's Success; Legend; September 2004.

Research Interests

I work on Hadamard matrices, orthogonal designs and designs in general. My research is supported by NSERC.

Current Research and Creative Activity

TitleLocationGrant InformationPrincipal InvestigatorCo Researchers
Orthogonal designs, Hadamard matrices and applications NSERC NSERC, $110,000 - total for 5 years.

Hadi Kharaghani Wolf Holzmann

Previous Research

TitleGrant AgencyCompletion Date
Orthogonal designs, Hadamard matrices and applications NSERC 2008

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