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University of Lethbridge

Maura Hanrahan
Geography and Environment Department
Office: B870 (University Hall)
Phone: (403) 329-2768


Historical geography of the Arctic, Indigenous and rural water security, Drinking water policy, Inuit political geography, Newfoundland Mi'Kmaq political geography

About Me

Dr. Hanrahan is currently Board of Governors Research Chair Tier II and Associate Professor in Geography. She is also an adjunct professor with the Environmental Policy Institute, Memorial University. She has a PhD from the London School of Economics and Political Science and her work is interdisciplinary, drawing from geography and other social science disciplines.

Selected Publications

Hanrahan, M. (2018) Unchained Man: The Arctic Life and Times of Captain Robert Abram Bartlett. Boulder Publications.

Hanrahan, M. (2018) Good Indians and Bad Indians: Romanticizing the Beothuk and Denigrating the Mi'kmaq. In Tracing Ochre: Changing Perspectives on the Beothuk. Fiona Polack, ed. University of Toronto Press, 33-52.

Hanrahan, M., & Jnr, B. D. (2017). The Rocky Path to Source Water Protection: A Cross-Case Analysis of Drinking Water Crises in Small Communities in Canada. Water, 9(6), 388. DOI:10.3390/w9060388

Mercer, Nick and Maura Hanrahan (2017) "Straight from the Heavens into your Bucket": Domestic Rainwater Harvesting as a Measure to Improve Water-Security in a Remote Indigenous Community. International Journal of Circumpolar Health 76: DOI: 10.1080/22423982.2017.1312223

Hanrahan, Maura (2017) The endurance of polar explorers' Arctic imaginaries and the promotion of neoliberalism and colonialism in modern Greenland. Polar Geography 41(2): 1-19. DOI: 10.1080/1088937X.2017.1303754.

Hanrahan, Maura (2017) Water (In)security in Canada: National Identity and the Exclusion of Indigenous Peoples. British Journal of Canadian Studies 30 (1): 69-89. DOI: 10.3828/bjcs.2017.4.

Hanrahan, Maura (2016) "Through their own efforts": Nutrition Studies and Interventions in Early 20th-Century Northern Newfoundland. CuiZine: The Journal of Canadian Food Cultures 7 (1): DOI : 10.7202/1037390ar.

Hanrahan, Maura (2016) Making Indigenous Culture the Foundation of Indigenous Governance Today: The Mi'kmaq Rights Initiative of Nova Scotia, Canada. Native American and Indigenous Studies 3 (1): 75-95.

Hanrahan, Maura and Bernard Wills (2015) Makayla's Decision: The Exercise of Indigenous Rights and the Primacy of Allopathic Medicine in Canada. Canadian Journal of Native Studies (35): 2, 207-224.

Hanrahan, Maura, Atanu Sarkar and Amy Hudson (2015) Water Insecurity in Indigenous Canada: A Community-based Multi-disciplinary Approach. Water Quality Journal of Canada, Special Issue: Marine and Freshwater Quality Management 50 (4): DOI: 10.2166/wqrjc.2015.010.

Sarkar, Atanu, Maura Hanrahan and Amy Hudson (2015) Water Insecurity in Canadian Indigenous Communities: Some Inconvenient Truths. Rural Remote Health, Oct-Dec: 15 (4): 1-13.

Hanrahan, Maura (2015) "Indefinitely on the Ice": Indigenous-explorer relations in Robert Abram Bartlett's Accounts of the Karluk Disaster. Arctic and North 20: 113-133.

Hanrahan, Maura and Jennifer Brooke Dare (2015) Experiential Learning in Environmental Humanities Education: Preliminary Lessons from the Emerging Literature. Journal of Worldwide Holistic Sustainable Development, 1 (2): 71-80.

Hanrahan, Maura, Atanu Sarkar and Amy Hudson (2015) Exploring Water Insecurity in a Northern Indigenous Community in Canada: The "Never Ending Job" of the Southern Inuit of Black Tickle, Labrador. Arctic Anthropology, 51 (2) 9-22.

Selected Creative Works

Publication summary

12 books in various genres as author, editor or co-author
11 book chapters and encyclopedia entries
30 peer-reviewed articles
Over 30 reports for governments, Indigenous political organizations, the United Nations, community groups
200 newspaper articles

In The Media

Preservation of water resources needs to be addressed in Canada:

Arctic explorers, Indigenous knowledge:

Research Interests

Historical geography of the Arctic, Indigenous and rural water security, Drinking water policy, Inuit political geography, Newfoundland Mi'Kmaq political geography

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