Campus Directory: Peter Henzi

University of Lethbridge

Peter Henzi
Psychology Department
Office: SA8390
Phone: (403) 317-2839
Acting Chair
English Dept
Office: B810K (University Hall)
Phone: (403) 329-2713
Room: SA8380
Phone: (403) 317-2839


Primate sociality and cognition, Animal behaviour, Development and structure of human social cognition

Research Areas

Primate socio-ecology, Baboons, Vervet monkeys, Social development in children, Spatial decision-making


Together with Prof. Louise Barrett, I conduct field research on the behavioural ecology of southern African primates (baboons, vervets) and, more recently, on the development of human social cognition. I hold an adjunct research chair at the University of South Africa.

Selected Publications

Representative recent publications include:

J. Jarrett, T. Bonnell, C. Young, L. Barrett & S.P. Henzi. 2018. Network integration and limits to social inheritance in vervet monkeys. Proceedings of the Royal Society London B 285 20172668.

C. Young, T. Bonnell, L. Brown, M. Dostie, A. Ganswindt, S. Kienzle, R. McFarland, S.P. Henzi, L. Barrett. 2019. Climate induced stress and mortality in vervet monkeys. Royal Society Open Science

C. Nord, T. Bonnell, M. Dostie, S.P. Henzi & L. Barrett. In press. Tolerance of muzzle contact underpins the acquisition of foraging information in vervet monkeys (Chlorocebus pygerythrus). Journal of Comparative Psychology.

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