Campus Directory: Peter Henzi

University of Lethbridge

Peter Henzi
Psychology Department
Office: SA8390
English Dept
Room: SA8380


Primate sociality and cognition, Animal behaviour, Development and structure of human social cognition

Research Areas

Primate socio-ecology, Baboons, Vervet monkeys, Social development in children, Spatial decision-making


Together with Prof. Louise Barrett, I conduct field research on the behavioural ecology of southern African primates (baboons, vervets) and, more recently, on the development of human social cognition. I hold an adjunct research chair at the University of South Africa.

Selected Publications

Representative recent publications include:

A.E. Jones, S.P. Henzi & L. Barrett. 2019. A natural history of repetition. Journal of Montessori Research 5: 15-44.

S.P. Henzi, T. Bonnell, G.M. Pasternak, N.J. Freeman, M.J. Dostie, S. Kienzle, C. Vilette & L. Barrett. 2021. Keep calm and carry on: Reactive indifference to predator encounters by a gregarious prey species. Animal Behaviour 181: 1-11.

R. McFarland, S.P. Henzi, L. Barrett, T. Bonnell, A. Fuller, C. Young & R.S. Hetem. 2021. Fevers and the social costs of acute infection in wild vervet monkeys. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (USA) 118: e2107881118.

L. Barrett, S.P. Henzi & R.A. Barton. 2021. Experts in action: Why we need an embodied social brain hypothesis. Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B 377: 20200533.

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