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University of Lethbridge

Trushar Patel
Chemistry & Biochemistry
Office: SA9120
Phone: (403) 332-4443
Patel Lab
Room: E738 (University Hall)
Phone: (403) 329-2297


RNA, Protein, Helicases, Host-viral Interactions, Biomolecular Interactions, RNA-protein interactions, Protein-Protein Interactions, Light Scattering, Solution X-ray Scattering, Integrated Approach, Structure-Function Relationships

Research Areas

Cell Biology, Biochemistry, Biophysics

About Me

*Canada Research Chair and Associate Professor (Tenured)
Jul 2020 -

*Canada Research Chair and Assistant Professor (Tenure-track)
Nov 2017 - Jun 2020

*Assistant Professor (Term) Apr 2016 - Oct 2017

Marie Sklodowska-Curie Fellow : University of Birmingham, UK 2013-2015
CIHR Postdoctoral Fellow : University of Manitoba, Canada 2010-2012
MICH Postdoctoral Fellow : University of Manitoba, Canada 2008-2010

PhD : University of Nottingham, UK
MSc : Sardar Patel University, India
BSc : Sardar Patel University, India

Selected Publications

Published articles: 71, > 1660 citations with an h-index of 22.

• Articles with ## and # represent co-corresponding and corresponding authorship respectively, whereas the * represent trainees.

71. Koul A, Gemmill D*, Lubma N, Meier M, Booy EP, Stetefeld J, Patel TR## and McKenna S#. Structural and hydrodynamic characterization of dimeric human oligoadenylate synthetase 2.
Biophysical Journal, in press

70. Aubrey D* and Patel TR#. The biomedical and bioengineering potential of protein nanocompartments.
Biotechnology Advances, in press

69. Mrozowich T*, Henrickson A, Demeler B and Patel TR#. (2020). Nanoscale structure determination of Murray Valley encephalitis and Powassan virus non-coding RNAs.
Viruses, 12, 190
Doi: 10.3390/v12020190

68. Turton KL*, Meier-Stephenson V*, Badmalia MD*, Coffin CS and Patel TR#. (2020) Host transcription factors in Hepatitis B Virus synthesis.
Viruses, 12, 160
Doi: 10.3390/v12020160

67. Hernando M, Orris G, Perodeau J, Lei S, Ferens F, Patel TR, Stetefeld J, Nieuwkoop AJ and O'Neil J#. (2020) Solution structure and oligomeric state of the E. coli glycerol facilitator.
Biochimica et Biophysica Acta - Biomembranes, 183191
Doi: 10.1016/j.bbamem.2020.183191

66. Zhao J##, Azad MB, Burton C, Crooks VA, Dawson J, Ford AT, Kaida A, Krishnaswamy A, Kouk C, Mah CL, McTaggart M, Moehring A, Robert D, Schulte-Hostedde A, Sparling H, De Vera M, Waterman S and Patel TR#. (2020) Canadian Science Meets Parliament: Building Relationships Between Scientists and Policymakers.
Science and Public Policy, scz062
Doi: 10.1093/scipol/scz062

65. Gemmill D*, D'souza S*, Meier-Stephenson V* and Patel TR#. (2020). Current approaches for RNA labelling to identify RNA-binding proteins.
Biochemistry and Cell Biology, 98, 31-41
Doi: 10.1139/bcb-2019-0041

64. Kim DN, Thiel B, Mrozowich T*, Hennelley S, Hofacker I, Patel TR##, Sanbonmatsu K#. (2020) Zinc-finger
protein CNBP alters the 3-D structure of lncRNA Braveheart in solution.
Nature Communications, 11, 148
Doi: 10.1038/s41467-019-13942-4

63. Yazdi MM, Saran S, Mrozowich T*, Lehnert C, Patel TR##, Sanders DA##, Palmer DRJ#. (2020) Asparagine-84, a regulatory allosteric site residue, helps maintain the quaternary structure of Campylobacter jejuni dihydrodipicolinate synthase.
Journal of Structural Biology, 209, 107409
Doi: 10.1016/j.jsb.2019.107409

62. Mrozowich T*, Winzor DJ, Scott DJ## and Patel TR#. (2019) Experimental determination of second virial coefficients by small-angle X-ray Scattering: a problem revisited.
European Biophysics Journal, 48, 781-787
Doi: 10.1007/s00249-019-01404-0

61. Mrozowich T*, Winzor DJ, Scott DJ and Patel TR#. (2019) Use of molecular crowding for the detection of protein self-association by size-exclusion chromatography.
Analytical Biochemistry, 584, 113392
Doi: 10.1016/j.ab.2019.113392

60. Krahn N*, Reuten R, Meier M, Koch M, Stetefeld J# and Patel TR#. (2019). Solution structure of C. elegans UNC-6: A nematode paralogue of the axon guidance protein netrin-1.
Biophysical Journal, 116, 2121-2130

59. Kermani AA, Roy R, Gopalasingam G, Kocurek KI, Patel TR, Alderwick LJ, Besra GS and Fütterer K#. (2019). Crystal structure of the TreS-Pep2 complex, initiating α-glucan synthesis in the GlgE pathway of mycobacteria.
Journal of Biological Chemistry, 294, 7348-7359
doi: 10.1074/jbc.RA118.004297

58. Mrozowich T*, Meier-Stephenson V* and Patel TR#. (2019) Microscale thermophoresis: Warming up to a new biomolecular interaction technique.
The Biochemist, 41, 2, 14-17

57. Ferens F, Patel TR, Orriss G, Court D and Stetefeld J#. (2019). A cholesterol analog induces an oligomeric reorganization of VDAC.
Biophysical Journal, 116, 847-859
doi: 10.1016/j.bpj.2019.01.031

56. Patel TR##, Fowke K, Matejcic A, Evans DH, Grandvaux N, Halperin SA, MacDonald NE, van Marle G, Richardson S and Cooper C#. (2019). Proceedings of the Canadian Association for HIV Research - Canadian Foundation for Infectious Diseases Professional Development Workshop for Viral Researchers.
Journal of the Association of Medical Microbiology and Infectious Disease, 4, 90-101
doi: 10.3138/jammi.2018-0034

55. Meier-Stephenson V*, Bremner W, Dalton C, Marle G, Coffin CS and Patel TR#. (2018) Comprehensive analysis of hepatitis B virus promoter region mutations
Viruses, 10, 603.
doi: 10.3390/v10110603

54. Mrozowich T*, McLennan S, Overduin MO## and Patel TR#. (2018). Structural studies of macromolecules in solution using small angle X-Ray scattering.
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doi: 10.3791/58538

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doi: 10.1016/j.heliyon.2018.e00695

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50. Meier M, Moya A, Krahn N, McDougal M, McRae EKS, Booy, EP, Patel TR, McKenna SA and Stetefeld J#. (2018). Structure and hydrodynamics of a DNA G-quadruplex with a cytosine bulge.
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doi: 10.1007/s00249-018-1291-5

47. Hyde EI, Callow P, Rajesekar KV, Timmins P, Patel TR, Siligardi G, Hussain R, White SA, Thomas CM and Scott DJ#. (2017). Intrinsic disorder in the partitioning protein KorB persists after co-operative complex formation with operator DNA and KorA.
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doi: 10.1042/BCJ20170281

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PLoS One, e0186849, 1-21.
doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0186849

43. Krahn N*, Spearman M, Meier M, Dorion-Thibaudeau J, McDougall M, Patel TR, De Crescenzo G, Durocher Y, Stetefeld J and Butler M#. (2017). Inhibition of glycosylation on a camelid antibody uniquely affects its FcγRI binding activity.
European Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences, 96, 428-439.

42. Patel TR##, Chojnowski GA, Koul A, McKenna SA and Bujnicki JM#. (2016). Structural studies of RNA-protein complexes: A hybrid approach involving hydrodynamics, scattering, and computational methods.
Methods, 118-119, 146-162.
doi: 10.1016/j.ymeth.2016.12.002

41. Sarhan AR*, Patel TR, Creese AJ, Tomlinson MG, Hellberg C, Heath JK, Hotchin NA, and Cunningham DL#. (2016). Regulation of platelet derived growth factor signaling by leukocyte common antigen-related (LAR) protein tyrosine phosphatase: A quantitative phosphoproteomics study.
Molecular & Cellular Proteomics, 15, 1823-1836.

Research Interests

Host Protein - Viral RNA Interactions

Viruses require host machinery to replicate. Although our immune system has several layers of defense mechanisms, often viral infection results in hijacking host cell machinery. A variety of host proteins recognize viral RNA molecules as a part of an innate immune system. On the other hand, often viral RNA recognize and employ host proteins to facilitate their replication and propagation. The main focus of our group is to understand, in fine detail, how viral components recognize DEAD-box helicases (e.g. DDX1, DDX3 and DDX5) and develop novel inhibitors that interfere with host-viral component interactions, resulting in inhibition of viral replication using a multidisciplinary approach.

Role of Focal Adhesion Proteins in Diseases

Our laboratory is also interested in investigating the role Zyxin and WTIP proteins that are primarily located at the focal adhesions but also able to travel to the nucleus. Zyxin is linked with cancer whereas WTIP plays a crucial role in maintaining normal activity of podocytes in kidney and acts as a transcription regulator. Our goal is to study how they mediate the transfer of signals from outside cell to inside, to understand their nuclear functions and to investigate their role in diseases such as cancer.

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